The Road To Gezi: Resistance and Counter-Publics in 21st Century Turkey (2016)

The Road to Gezi sheds light on the resistance and political construction of counterpublics in 21st century Turkey by analyzing the ‘No’ protests and the social upheavals of ‘We have a Dream’ across different domains and actors in the lead up to the Gezi Park protest. The contributors to this anthology offer an alternative, critical reading of Gezi collectively arguing that the resistance practices of various factions and strata of the working class across a wide social terrain created the uprising. These included: student movements, anti-Hydroelectric Power Plant (HES) resistance, movements against urban renewal, social upheals of white collar workers, protests of blue collar workers, women’s movements, social media activism, new forms of journalism, and direct democracy practices of revolutionary-popular local governments.

Edited by Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir
Number of Pages / Sayfa Sayısı: 248
Year / Baskı Yılı: 2016
Language / Dili: English / İngilizce
Publisher / Yayınevi: Red Quill Books

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