Silent Violence: Neoliberalism, Islamist Politics and the AKP Years in Turkey (2012)

This anthology offers an alternative, critical reading of contemporary Turkish politics by neoliberal capitalism during the AKP party’s decade-long rule. The neoliberal order of Turkey’s neoliberal order.

The editors contend that the AKP party’s rule should be read on the basis of transformations within capitalism in neoliberal times involving different forms of suppression and exploitation along axes of class, race and gender.

Edited by Simten Coşar & Gamze Yücesan-Özdemir
Number of Pages / Sayfa Sayısı: 332
Year / Baskı Yılı: 2012
Language / Dili: English / İngilizce
Publisher / Yayınevi: Red Quill Books

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